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Its beginning to cool down and the nights are beginning to draw in, a warm bowl of soup and a chunk of walnut bread to feed the soul, we’ll be exploring lots of new and exciting recipes ready for the winter months from root vegetables to spicy sweet potato and everything in between!  Our famous coffee is blended by Hessian coffee we have been supplied by them for years and all our customers comment on how good it is.

Garden Centre


Plant spring flowering bulbs now; snow drops, narcissus, tulips, muscari just to mention a few.  If you are pushed for space in your garden why not plant your bulbs in pots.  Cover the drainage hole in your pot with gravel or polystyrene to encourage free drainage.  Add a layer of compost to the bottom of the pot to a minimum depth of 10cm.  Add first layer of bulbs, pointy end up, about a bulbs distance apart.  Tulips is best as the bottom layer.  Add a few more centimetres of compost then place your next layer of bulbs,  Narcissus best as the second layer.  Add a few more centimetres of compost and finish with a final layer of bulbs, muscaris is a good one to finish off. Something to look forward to in the Spring time.


Sow hardy greens such as Kale, cress, pak choi and lambs lettuce for winter pickings. Pot up your herbs such as chives and parsley and place on a sunny windowsill to use during winter. Cut off trusses of unripe outdoor tomatoes before the weather turns cold, then ripen them indoors, dig up any remaining potatoes and store indoors.

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