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Come and sit on our decking shaded by the gazebo looking out onto the garden centre with the scent of the roses wafting through, enjoy a lazy Breakfast, brunch or afternoon tea!  We have plenty of gifts and card to check out too!

Garden Centre


Keep your tomatoes well watered and pick fruits regularly to ensure the plant puts more energy into newer fruits. Keep deadheading your flowers to encourage blooms late into the season.


Plants late flowering perennial such as Japanese anemones, sedum, Asters and graceful grasses.  The one of the best late flowering perennials is Verbena Bonariensis.  Tall narrow sparsely-leafed stems on top of flattened lavender flowers, perfect for bringing height to the border. Gather your thoughts on this season’s display and make a list of plants to move, gaps in your borders and any other improvements you wish to make for next year.

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