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We try to vary our menu to adapt to the climate (British weather) and seasons, in July you will find several different interesting salads and light bites, including refreshing home grown tomato and cucumber Greek salads.  The green beans are also being harvested and used in the tuna niçoise. If you fancy an iced latte with a shot of syrup or a rossi ice cream we have several different flavours of each a refreshing chance to cake and hot coffee!

Garden Centre


Start weekly feeding of your hanging baskets. (unless  of course you have bought your basket from Butts Green as we use compost so good you will not need to do this) Use a soluble; fertiliser which you can mix in a watering can for ease.  Don’t forget to regularly dead head your hanging baskets to encourage longer blooms. 

Water, water, water this month (providing we are not having one of our famous wet summers!)  Ensure your pots and baskets do not dry out as flowering will be reduced.

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