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It’s a beautiful month, sit amongst the flourishing flowers for lunch in this peaceful & tranquil space, come and enjoy a slice of cake and a cup of tea; 

Our supplier is The Metropolitan Tea Company - “From Toronto to London to Abu Dhabi and the rest of the globe, Metropolitan Tea is a hallmark of ethical operations. The company is an industry leader in responsible tea sourcing and production. Teas are certified by Fair Trade. The Fair Trade organisation works to ensure sustainable conditions for workers and small producers in the developing world.

Garden Centre


Keep your lawn mown regularly at least once a week, finally its time to plant your patio pots with glorious bedding.  Geraniums, begonias, million bells, diascia just to mention a few. Expert advice whilst choosing your plants to give you the best display. Keep the weeds down in your beds this month to encourage plants to grow to their best.  June 21st is the longest day of the year and the extra light and warmth will mean the weeds spring out of nowhere.  Use a strong weedkiller to ensure you kill the roots. 


Pinch side shoots on tomatoes.  Do this while they are young and tender ideally once the plant has developed at least six pairs of true leaves. These tiny shoots grow between the main stem and the leaves, gently remove by hand. This will stagger the production of buds throughout the season resulting in high quality harvests.

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