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Its time to light the wood burner and get cosy in our café, come in from the cold and get warmed by the fire, a hot chocolate with all the trimmings is a must!  A warmed scone with clotted cream and jam or a cheese scone with our homemade green tomato chutney, all our scones and cakes are made daily to ensure they are fresh and tasting delicious!  The breadpudding (Laura’s recipe handed down through the generations) is to die for!

Garden Centre


All your summer bedding should be cleared and composted by now to make way for winter pansies and violas. Use evergreen shrubs, heathers, aubretia, ornamental grasses to bring colour and interest to your patio pots.

Autumn is the best time to plant whether its shrubs, trees or perennials…. The ground is still soft enough to dig and theres little watering required after planting.

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