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Get ready for fireworks! Try our sausages they are definitely special from award winning butchers A G Smith in Boreham, they feature in our tastebud tickling breakfast to a mouthwatering sausage melt with onion chutney will definitely get you ready for a sparkly evening.

Garden Centre


Cut back herbaceous perennials, lift and divide if necessary to maintain vigour next year.  Tidy borders and clear remains of annuals before the winter sets in.

Wrap tender plants in frost fleece or bubble warp and ensure new trees are staked well in preparation for any bad weather. Raise your patio pots off the ground as this will benefit drainage and encourages roots not to be water logged.  Use bricks or pot feet…. remember to remove saucers as these can also cause the plant to drown. Gather up leaves around the garden and compost in your bin, this keeps blackspot at bay next year.

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