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As is our philosophy at Butts Green Garden Centre you can still combine grow your own with design and this is shown in our selection from Burgon & Ball of wicker planters which can be placed straight on to your patio and allow you to start growing immediately.


For a larger plot we also supply raised beds which are designed to be easy to erect and come complete with protective covers to keep out pests and make producing your own vegetables much easier.


British made timber greenhouse are available and we offer a complete erection service.


We also have a great range of stylish tools for your garden made from Sheffield stainless steel guaranteeing you a quality product.


To compliment the range of vegetables, we also stock an extensive range of fruit trees which include specially grown fan trained trees which are ideal for the patio garden and allow you to grow an abundance of fresh fruit in a small area.


So if you are looking to give grow your own a try come a visit Butts Green Garden Centre - we will give you friendly advice and great products.

Time to plant

There is nothing more rewarding than growing you own fruit and vegetables. Not only do you get the satisfaction of watching your produce grow you can’t beat picking something fresh from your garden and experiencing the intense flavour.  At Butts Green Garden Centre we believe that ‘growing your own’ should be easy to achieve and have carefully selected products to help you with this. You can choose to start from scratch with our selection of Unwin Seeds or we have vegetables pre grown that you can plant instantly in your garden.



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